At Tax Relief Clinic, your security is very important to us. We keep your financial and personal information confidential and secure.  Your data is secured through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) proprietary encryption before it is sent. This information is scrambled in route and decoded once it reaches its destinations. E-mail sent to our company via commercial e-mail programs may not be secure unless advised that security measures have been implemented prior to transmission of the information.  We recommend you do not send confidential information (Social Security or account numbers) through unsecured e-mail. Sensitive communications may be held by calling us toll free at (800)-844-7750.


Your privacy is our first concern at Tax Relief Clinic.

In order to help us evaluate and resolve your tax problems as our client, you may be asked to provide private and sensitive information, such as income, expense and asset data, including banking information. We want you to feel comfortable in sharing that information, knowing that we will hold that information which you have entrusted to our company the highest privacy standards.

Please be assured that we will protect your privacy, and under no circumstances, will Tax Relief Clinic ever sell or share any of the personal information collected on this website, during your consultation, or throughout the handling of your case, with any person, organization or agency, except as authorized by you. We will use the specific information collected on this website, solely to respond to your request regarding the reason you contacted us.

If you are only a visitor to the website, we do not collect personal information unless you specifically provide it to us through our contact form.

The information contained in this privacy policy may change at any time without notice, please check back periodically for updated information.