We identify people and businesses that have tax problems that we can uniquely help.  There are many people out there with tax problems, but we do something special that other tax resolution companies do not.

Tax Relief Clinic chooses its clients as carefully as the clients choose us. Not all clients require our services, and while we can help many clients, we do not take on clients that genuinely do not require our help.  For those that do become clients, the path to resolution is carefully considered and tailored for each situation.

Additionally, we are dedicated to not just settling the client’s tax problems, but also relieving the anxiety and the uncertainty that people naturally feel around their tax problems.

We also work, when appropriate, to set our clients on a new course, making people aware of resources and simple techniques that allow them to avoid these problems going forward.

Part of our unique offering is to plan the future so that you, the client, have no negative experiences from your taxes.  Taxes become an ordinary, simple, and “handled” part of your life.