The main business of Tax Relief Clinic is to assist you, our client, in dealing with tax problems, negotiating solutions and working to reduce debt for large tax liabilities and unfiled returns, while providing caring, and superior customer service.

Owing tax debt can be very stressful.  Our goal is both to fight diligently on your behalf, to achieve the best results possible, and to settle your tax debt problems for the lowest amount allowed by law, while taking away the stress and worry from you.

What is different about Tax Relief Clinic from many other tax relief companies out there, is that we intentionally limit the number of cases that we accept, allowing us to devote the proper amount of time and energy to your case.  And yet we are able to provide our services at the same flat rate fees as other companies, and in some cases, for much less.  Many tax resolution companies out there are sales driven; many take on hundreds of new cases each month with just a handful of professionals to work them.  It becomes impossible to do a good job for the client.  We are different.

We have the most experienced professionals ready to work on your case, and they have the time to devote to your case.  Don’t go it alone.  You need both experienced professionals, as well as a company that can devote the right amount of attention to your case.

If you owe more than $10,000 in tax debt, call us for a free consultation at (800) 844-7750.